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Advanced Cleaning

All-Brite's exterior cleaning processes are state of the art. Our company specializes in the cleaning of: brick, wood, aluminum and vinyl surfaces as well as composite decking and concrete surfaces, to name a few, through the use of pressure washing and/or environmentally safe chemical treatments. Correctly cleaning and prepping surfaces prior to sealing and/or staining is crucial for superb results and the life expectancy of the treatments. Proper preventative maintenance is essential when considering the protection of an investment and ensuring a lasting home environment.

Premium Sealing

Cleaning and sealing neglected brick, wood and masonry surfaces is common in Michigan; especially with all of the pollutants in the air. These surfaces are porous and will retain dirt and carbon pollutants which become unsightly overtime. If left untouched, these surfaces could lose their attractive finishes and appearance and ultimately result in accelerated deterioration. Discoloration and oxidation of brick, wood and masonry surfaces can be reconditioned and maintained through our cleaning, sealing, staining and painting processes. We will restore your weathered brick, wood, aluminum and vinly trim and siding with our highly effective and environmentally safe sealers, stains, paints, wax and polish protectants and preservatives.