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Cleaning & Stripping

Our cleaning, stripping and sealing processes will restore just about any weathered, faded and discolored: wood, brick, masonry, aluminum, vinyl and stamped-colored concrete. Most surfaces require some pressure washing along with chemical cleaning or even wet-sandblasting. Our stripping processes are used to remove old sealers, stains, paints and multiple coatings. We also specialize in the cleaning and prepping of: brick-pavers, composite decking, stone, stucco, shingles and much, much more. Cleaning and prepping these surfaces properly is crucial to maintaining the surfaces' appearance, luster and longevity. Our cleaning, stripping and sealing services are tailored to each surface on every job to ensure a high-quality and long-lasting appearance.

Sealing & Epoxy Coatings

Once a surface has been properly cleaned and/or stripped, we apply a premium sealer, stain, paint or protectant to preserve the surface properly. Choosing the correct product based on the material will drastically affect the continued performance and life of the surface. High-strength, deep-penetrating, oil-based epoxy coatings are a must if you want to rejuvenate, maintain and preserve your garage floor. With the harsh Michigan weather and oxidation that occurs to surfaces, it is extremely important to seal and protect these surfaces with high-performance and reliable sealers. We use over 35 years of experience to bring back your investments true luster and appearance; and to preserve it for years to come.


Often when cleaning, prepping and sealing wood decks, it is typical to require minor restoration or repair work. Decking boards or spindles may need to be replaced along with steps or fascia boards. In addition to the cleaning, prepping and sealing process, we offer deck sanding, repair work and restoration services to ensure the final appearance. Painting of trim, siding, garage doors, epoxy-coatings are also our specialty and are often overlooked during restoration projects and services. Applying a high-strength epoxy-coating to garage floors or a special polishing treatment to faded, darker-colored aluminum will not only boost appearance, but protect these surfaces from the elements.


During the winter season (Dec.-Mar.), we offer extended services for restoring and remodeling interiors. Finished basements, drywall work and repair, and carpentry work are just a few of our additional remodeling capabilities. Rough carpentry, finish carpentry, ceramic tile installation, interior painting and drop ceiling installation also compliment the exterior services we provide to protect and ensure lasting value for your investments.