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Brick & Masonry

Dirty brick/masonry surfaces are very common in Michigan, especially with all of the pollutants in the air. Brick and masonry are porous to an extent and will retain dirt and carbon pollutants. These pollutants can cause discoloring of the bricks surface. Other very common, unsightly stains on brick and masonry are oxidation stains. These are usually colored or white looking streaks running downward on the brick or masonry facing. Oxidation stains are caused from weathered, worn, or neglected aluminum and/or vinyl trim/siding above the brick or masonry. In time, if left untouched, these stains will penetrate deeply in the brick's substrate and could even make for a more costly fix.

Our remedies for these situations are complete brick cleaning and brick sealing. Many different cleaners are at our fingertips for renewing the appearance of brick and masonry. Variable-pressure power washing is also a good tool for cleaning these surfaces. Our cleaning process can involve chemical-brush application with high-pressure rinsing, chemical hand-spray application with variable pressure rinsing, or chemical-injectable spray-cleaning with pressure wash rinsing. Our cleaning process is suited for each job. The sealing of your brick and masonry is extremely key to its preservation. We use a variety of high-quality silicone, silane and siloxane clear-coat sealers. They are all breathable and therefore will not peel, flake or chip; they actually penetrate into the brick and mortar's pours; protecting at the inside as well as the outside. Think of it as a one way door. Moisture can release from the inside, but cannot enter in from the outside. Brick and mortar erosion is caused by excessive moisture damage and harmful pollutants overtime. Our sealers will not alter the appearance of your natural brick's color(s) and tone(s). We apply our sealers either by brush application or hand-pump spray application. All vegetation is covered and protected with viscuine. The expected lifeline of our brick/masonry sealers on vertical surfaces is between 10-15 years and on horizontal surfaces is between 3-5 years before reapplication is needed. Protect your investment as soon as possible!