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Concrete & Cement

Concrete. Cement. We all have it somewhere around our home. We drive on it everyday and yes it takes a ton of abuse, literally. From the elements, the four seasons, temperature changes, to the weight from the cars and trucks, etc., there is no question that these surfaces have to be maintained on a regular basis. We all know what happens from neglect. At least keep your concrete and cement cleaned and sealed at a minimum of every 5 years.

Cleaning is recommended every year on high-traffic areas and 2 sealer applications wet on wet are recommended every 3-5 years on horizontal concrete surfaces. Vertical concrete surfaces can usually take 1 sealer application after a detailed cleaning and have a sealer life expectancy of 10-15 years.

Pressure washing works very well on concrete and cement surfaces. Although most stains, rust, oil, paint residue, etc usually require chemical cleaning and wire brushing and a second pressure wash cleaning/rinse. Coating removal on concrete and cement can require the use of strong special coating removers and sometimes even wet-sandblasting. Our concrete sealers repel liquids, resist salts, and contain a U.V. inhibitor to protect against those harmful rays. These sealers go on wet and dry clear. We either use a spray-on or a roll-on application. Remember, as strong and solid as concrete and cement appear to be, both require regular cleaning and protection for maximum durability and longevity.