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Stamped-Colored Concrete

Stamped-colored concrete has become extremely popular within the last 10 years. Many people find this an upgrade compared to regular concrete. Although it is beautiful looking, it still requires some maintenance. Stamped-colored concrete is usually seen in driveways, walkways, patios, porches to name a few. We do offer maintenance restoration services on these surfaces.

On stamped-colored concrete we clean, strip (if necessary) and neutralize. Once dry, we return to apply a premium acrylic-based super sealer. One roll-on coat is included in the job. Although, for higher traffic areas and a deeper shine, two coats is recommended. This process will protect and renew the color, luster and concrete. We offer a matte finish, semi-gloss finish and a high-gloss finish. The choice is yours.

In order to maintain optimal appearance, a very low cost neutralization treatment is recommended once a year. A mild pressure wash cleaning can also be done once per year or as needed. A top coat or recoat, in most cases, should be done every three years. Follow-up sealer re-applications are one-coated only. Curing is about a 24 hour period. Dry to the touch is usually 4-6 hours following application.