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Stone surfaces can be very unique in many ways. Therefore, they require special attention, in most cases. There is a wide variety of stone which can range from light to dark, rough to smooth, very porous to semi-porous, etc.

We approach the different types of stone with specific cleaners and sealers tailored to each kind. Some cleaners we use can be very mild yet very effective. Other cleaners we may have to use can be very powerful, though. If the stronger cleaners are used, we protect the surrounding areas and vegetation with viscuine or tarps.

We apply our cleaner(s) by pump spray or by brush application and we rinse with a fan-tipped variable pressure power wash. Sometimes in severe cases, stubborn stains in stone have to be recleaned a second time before it can be sealed; every situation can vary somewhat. After the stone surface(s) have dried sufficiently, a high-performance sealer is recommended for maximum protection. To protect these surfaces from the harsh elements, we apply our highly effective silicone, silane and siloxane based clearcoat sealers. Sometimes we can apply an acrylic-based sealer on certain types of stone to give it a wet looking appearance. The average life of sealers on a horizontal surface here in Michigan is between 3-5 years before reapplication. On vertical surfaces, the average sealer life here in Michigan is between 10-15 years before reapplication. Remember, protect your investments!