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Wood Surfaces (hard or soft)

Having your own natural wood deck, fence, gazebo, dock, etc. is a good thing. Trying to maintain it is another. This is why we have a complete wood care restoration service to offer you. We can treat all types of exterior wood,hard and soft. Exterior wood surfaces should never be left untreated.

Our wood cleaning and sealing restoration system can be anywhere from a 5 to an 8 step process. At a minimum, our 5 step wood restoration process consists of cleaning, brightening, conditioning, final rinsing and finally sealing/staining. We also offer, if needed, our 8 step wood restoration process which consists of stripping, cleaning, brightening, conditioning, final rinsing, wood repair, sanding, and finally sealing/staining. We use all top notch strippers, cleaners, neutralizers and sealers. Outside wood has to breath, therefore it is extremely important that the wood is sealed with a high-quality, breathable, semi-transparent, oil-based sealer/stain. We offer several different sealer/stain color tones. We reclean and reseal as needed. Under most circumstances, we recommend a mild wood sealer maintenance treatment with a pressure wash cleaning and rinsing every other year and a reclean and reseal about ever 2 and a half to 3 years. Some situations may vary.